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Our Daughter Jessica was diagnosed with stage 4  breast cancer at age 19.

She spent the next 139 days of the next 6 months in the hospital, 39 of those days in ICU. During this time, I wanted to learn everything I could about how the body heals itself. So I went back to school and spent many long hours of research and study and became a Functional Nutritionist, with a focus on the microbiome (the gut) and Epigenetics (the science of turning your genes on and off. We can't really change our genes but we can change how they express themselves.)  

In my research I found that boosting the immune system with fermented foods like kombucha was a key component to healing. So, we started buying it from the store. We were spending a small fortune on kombucha that didn't taste good, and I felt could be aided by some healing combinations of fruits, herbs and spices. With necessity being the mother of invention, I set out to make the healing tonic for myself and my daughter, carefully brewing so as to have as many nutrients as possible without the sugar and caffeine. We included for Jessica a regimen of diet, exercise, relaxation, fresh air, sunshine, grounding, and other lifestyle changes. Although her doctors had given her only two or three months left to live, nine months after they ceased treatment and Jessica began kombucha, she moved back out on her own with her daughter with a “no active cancer” status, and no medications.

I’m not claiming that fresh air and Kombucha is going to cure cancer. Kombucha is not the be all end all of good health and healing but it IS a vital part.

When friends and family heard about this, they too wanted my “crazy health tonic with the funny name.” So, we started making more, and more and more until we were making nearly 10 gallons a week. One day a friend of mine suggested that I go to the Soda City Farmers Market to sell my kombucha to the masses. In August of 2016, I took 3 gallons of kombucha and some glasses and a bag of ice and prayed someone would buy my humble glass of good health...and...they did!  


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